At Acryfab we make a variety of acrylic display cabinets for both commercial and domestic use, i.e for displaying products for sale in a secure locked acrylic cabinet to a cabinets where people can display their collections in their own homes. Acrylic cabinets can be made in a variety styles as illustrated below. We are happy to advise you in the design of your cabinet.

Chocolate display cabinet

This acrylic display cabinet on the right was made for a local company. The shelves sit on small studs that are inserted into holes that have been drilled part way through the acrylic.

There are a series of vertical holes in the corners so that the shelves can be repositioned. The doors are glued to acrylic hinges. The acrylic hinges have springs in them so that the door will close by itself.

Retail Acrylic Display Cabinet

The photograph on the right shows a cabinet made for a retail situation. The cabinet is constructed from 15 mm thick clear acrylic. The doors are made from 10 mm thick clear acrylic. The doors are inserted into a pivot hinge at the top and bottom of the display cabinet.

This display cabinet is locked with cam locks at the top and bottom on each door.

Model Train Display Cabinet

The photograph on the right shows a simple acrylic display cabinet to display model trains. The cabinet is constructed from 4.5 mm thick acrylic.

The two doors are made with a thinner acrylic to reduce weight on the hinges, the doors are locked with a cam lock.

The cabinet is held on the wall with two screws using keyholes.

The photo on the right shows a cabinet in an ice cream shop. Tasting sticks are on the left, the cones are kept in a separate cabinet to keep them fresh and the pottels are stacked ready for the customers.

There are doors on the back of this cabinet so staff can refill the cabinet from the back.

Illuminated camera display

Acrylic display cabinets can also be lit.

This illuminated display cabinet in a photography shop displays vintage cameras. The LED’s are mounted on the back panel and shine through the diffuser. The shelving holding the vintage cameras is glued to the diffuser. The front of the case is then fitted to the front.

Hair Product Display Cabinet

This acrylic display stand has a black base and sides with matt white shelving to display hair products. The stand is tall and narrow used in hair dressing salons to display products. The back of the stand has an acrylic mirror attached to it.