Covid-19 screen, Sneeze Guard, Protective Screen, Counter Screen, Acrylic Divider Screens

At Acryfab we have been making acrylic sneeze guards for the food and hospitality industry for a long time. These acrylic sneeze screens are now in great demand due to the Covid-19 virus.

Because of Covid-19 the sneeze screens are now being used where there is an interaction between two people in a customer service situation or in a retail situation. A customer service situation is, for example, between a receptionist at a medical center and a patient, or at a customer service point, such as found in supermarkets or an information center in a shopping center, and the acrylic social distancing screen is being used as a measure to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. An example of a retail situation is in a shop – the checkout operator or the sales person is serving a customer.

Covid protection screens are also being used to provide safe workspaces, for example, in the situation where two people sit across a desk from each other a screen is used to make a barrier to stop the transmission of the Covid-19 infection.

The type of acrylic Covid-19 protection screen you require will depend upon your business and how you work.

For example, in a shop situation, the acrylic sneeze screens are generally placed on the counter to the side of the cash register, this allows for goods to be placed on the counter, to be scanned and then the customer has access to the EFTPOS terminal for payment.

Other considerations are the height of the acrylic Covid screen. A Covid-19 screen should be at least 1800mm high when measured from the floor. If your counter height is 1200mm high, then if the sneeze screen sits on your counter, the screen needs to be 600mm high. A 400mm wide cough screen is suitable for one person to work behind. The width of the Covid protection screen will depend on the available space of the counter and where the EFTPOS terminal and scanner are placed.

An acrylic sneeze guard sitting on a counter top can be held in place with double sided tape or screwed to the counter top. A Covid-19 protection screen on the front of the counter needs to be screwed in place.

All the acrylic social distance screens made by Acryfab have rounded corners and rounded edges. All acrylic edges are polished. Acrylic is sharp and can easily cut people if the acrylic is not finished correctly. At Acryfab all acrylic corners and edges are rounded and polished so that people cannot hurt themselves on the acrylic screen.

The following photographs will help you in deciding what kind of acrylic protection screen you require for your situation. You can email me your requirements and I can advise you on how to achieve what you want.

At Acryfab we can custom design sneeze guard solutions specifically for your situation.