Cut to size and sheet sales

We do carry in stock a range of acrylic and other plastics that can be cut to size to your requirements.

Laser and router cutting

Laser and router cutting.We can laser and route cut from 1 piece to thousands of pieces from simple designs to complex designs.

Printing and engraving

Printing and engravingWe can either screen print your design on acrylic or have your design printed on to self adhesive vinyl which is then stuck to the acrylic. This design was printed on to self adhesive vinyl. Designs can also be laser engraved on to acrylic.


AcryFab offers three different polish finishes.

  1. PolishingFlame polish, where the material is passed through a flame. This process is suited to thinner material.
  2. Diamond polish, the material is polished using a rotating diamond head. This process is suited to thick material.
  3. Hand polishing, the material is sanded until the surface is smooth and blemish free.

The cricket bats pictured have been hand polished.

Straight line bending

Straight line bendingThis process involves heating thermoplastic material over a heating element so that the plastic can be bent to the desired shape. This shoe stand has been screen printed.

Custom Pieces

We offer a complete service from the design of your product from your ideas or drawings through to completion of samples and then production of your design. Contact us for more information.