Nintendo Game Man LegoAcryfab was approached by the artist to make this sculpture on his behalf. The original idea was for the sculpture to be made from “Lego” blocks that had been scaled up by a factor of 30. Acryfab initially made several blocks, as pictured here, to see if the idea was possible. During this stage the artist was told that his sculpture was to be located on a hill side and had to be self supporting. This required a radical rethink of the design. The sculpture was designed around an aluminium frame. The aluminium frame gave the sculpture strength and allowed for it to be fixed into the ground. The frame was constructed from aluminium pipes that finished at the bottom of each foot.  A sheet of acrylic was bolted onto both sides of the frame. This then meant that the sides could be glued directly to the acrylic. The ends of the sculpture were glued in place as blocks, lastly the circles were glued on top.