Here are some examples of the work that AcryFab has done to date. Our product range is vast and we take pleasure in making exactly what you require.

Acrylic Fabrication

We produce a range of acrylic products including signage, shelf talkers, trophies and awards, product display, lock out boxes, and custom designed pieces.

Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic display cases are a great way to show case models, collectibles or special products. Acrylic display cases will keep your items save, dust free and secure. Acrylic display case can be made in a variety of designs.

Brochure Holders

We can produce a variety of brochure holders, of different shapes and sizes, including business card holders, three sided DLE holders, product signage, waterproof DLE brochure holders, gift card and post card holders, and more in a variety of materials to suit your requirements.

Display Cases

We can fabricate a range of acrylic display cases including product display shelves, trophy cases, acrylic sneeze guards, food display cases and illuminated display cases.

Food Display

We can produce a range of food display cases including acrylic sneeze guards, food dispensers. These can be custom designed.


Acryfab can produce a variety of lighting products both large and small, including in conjunction with lighting designers. Light sources used can be traditional incandescent bulbs or LED's which are becoming more popular for lighting.

Lockable Boxes, Donation boxes

We can create different sized acrylic lockable boxes for a range of purposes including payment boxes for snack items in the office, lock out boxes for machinery, entry form boxes, even lockable IV bag holders.

Printing and Signs

Acryfab can design and produce a range of signage including printing on them. Examples include shelf talkers for shoe shops, acrylic signage, trophies and awards, and custom made promotional cases.