At Acryfab we make a variety of sneeze guards (also known as sneeze screens) to suit your requirements Sneeze screens were initially used by food business to stop the possible transmission of viruses from people by people breathing, coughing or sneezing over the food. During the Covid pandemic sneeze screens were used in situations where people were facing each other, ie, retail, businesses and receptions desks, to name a few situations.

The sneeze guards are made from clear acrylic. The sneezeguards can be designed to be either permanent (screwed to a counter or to metal posts), freestanding or held in place with double sided tape. The sneeze guards held in place with double sided tape can be easily moved when required.

The sneeze guard in the above photo is in a market situation. The sneeze guard is 1200mm long. The base is 300mm wide. The weight of the bowl sitting on the base keeps the screen in place.

The photo on the right is of a screen bolted to metal posts in a medical centre. There is a gap between the screen and the counter to pass documents etc through.