Police Taser Test UnitAcryfab was approached by the NZ Police to construct a test unit for the Taser. At the time the testing method was for the person doing the testing to turn the taser towards themselves and test fire to view the electrical discharge across the exposed electrodes on the taser. The police had a design in mind and after an initial consult with Acryfab we made a prototype. The prototype worked as expected but the specification was changed from a desk mounted unit to a wall mounted unit. There was several changes to the design so that the unit worked better. Four of these designs were made and sent to the central Police armoury for testing and evaluation.The Police armoury tested these units and then came back requesting some minor changes.Two units were made to the revised designs and these units went through a period of service.The Police were satisfied with the performance of these units and Acryfab manufactured a large number for the NZ Police.