L’Oréal sample holder

AcryFab was approached to make a container that the clients reps could use to promote their products. The initial design specification was “something like a hat box”. The products are securely held in the container and when the lid is removed the products are well displayed and easily removed for demonstration purposes.

The initial layout was decided with a lid to enclose the product and then there had to be a locking mechanism.  We settled on a centrally mounted spring loaded catch that is activated by downward pressure on the handle.

The handle is used to carry the unit around and then to reveal the product the handle and the lid is pushed down, releasing the catch so the handle and lid can be lifted off. The display works very well.

Helicopter case

This case was designed to safely transport the helicopter and associated spare parts and radio transmitter.

The draws cannot open until the cover is removed and the helicopter will not move until the two blocks located over the skids are slid back.

Acrylic display cabinet

This cabinet is designed for use in the food industry to display cakes, muffins etc.

It has sprung hinges so the doors are self closing and has adjustable shelving. These cabinets can be made with doors on both sides.

The cabinets can also have locks fitted to secure product on display and magnetic catches to keep doors closed if spring hinges are not used.

Merry Christmas
Acryfab would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. It was another challenging year and we look forward to working with you next year. We will close at 12 noon on the 22nd of December reopen in a limited capacity on the 10th of January while I do my regular maintenance. I will still be checking my emails over this time, so do email if you want jobs done. Normal service resumes on the 24th of January.