At Acryfab we make acrylic display cases to suit your requirements. As you read down the page you will see the different styles and ways to make acrylic display cases. The cases can be fabricated or bent, the bases can be rebated, recessed or beveled. The tops can be screwed to the bases or locked using small cam locks.

 As well as how your acrylic display case is made you need to consider the colour of the base, if using acrylic, or if you prefer, wood. We can make bases out of plywood, medium density fibreboard or wood. 

Display case can be made either by bending one piece of acrylic to form the front, top and back. The sides are then glued on. An example of an acrylic display case made this way is on the right. The bend runs along the front and back of the case. The edges of the side pieces can be rounded to look like the fold of the front and back.