Food Sneeze Guards AucklandAt Acryfab we make a variety of food sneeze guards (also known as sneeze screens) to suit your requirements. Food sneeze guards were initially used by food businesses to stop people from contaminating food by breathing on the food. Food sneeze screens guards can also be used in a retail situation to reduce contact between customers and staff.

The sneeze guards are made from clear acrylic. The sneezeguards can be designed to be either permanent (screwed to a counter), freestanding or held in place with double sided tape. The sneeze guards held in place with double sided tape can be easily moved when required leaving no damage to the surface.

Food Sneeze Guards AucklandThe sneeze guard in the picture above is 500 mm wide and 600 mm high. The sides are 200 mm deep. On the sides there are feet. The front of the sneeze screen is 100 mm above counter height, this allows for the passing of product to the customer. On the feet double sided tape can be placed to stick the sneeze guard to a counter top to make the screen more stable. When required, the sneeze screen can be easily removed.

Christmas Hours
Acryfab will be closing on the 22nd of December and reopening on the 26th of January. I am around during the holiday season and able to come into the factory, please email me if you have an inquiry or work you require doing. Acryfab would like to thank all our customers for their support during the year and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.